Fleet Pond Corridor

This project, managed by Hart District Council, aims to create a more connected environment that will improve walking and cycling links to Fleet’s railway station. 

The Fleet Pond Corridor builds on work already completed to increase cycle parking provisions at the train station.Photo of path before and after works

For any questions relating to the project please email countryside@hart.gov.uk 

Phase 1 (completed) Footpath widening, including a new slipway at Boat House Corner 

The path that has been improved runs adjacent to the train station car park, it is a route that is well used by the community. Previously this path was not sufficient to safely cope with the large amount of footfall and mixed user group activity. The works have widen the path to allow everyone to pass each other easily, making travel significantly easier and safer. Cycling calming measures to reduce cycling speeds will also be installed.

Phase 1 improvements included the addition of:  
• Gentle gradients to the fishing jetties making them accessible for all.  
• Cycling calming measures to reduce cycling speeds.  
• A new boat slipway installed to support with the management of the pond.

Phase 2 (completed) Improvements to the Access Road and Fleet Pond Car Park

Fleet Ponds access road and car park are now OPEN! 

The second phase saw improvements to the access track and car park, this included:  
• The provision of a new road with improved drainage which replaced the track  
• Improved car park layout including three new disabled parking bays.  
• Infrastructure to provide electric charging points in the future  
• New grass blocks have been laid to encourage connectivity across the site’s car park for the important insects that rely on this vital Nature Reserve  
• Gabion baskets which improve the car park aesthetics and create a safer environment for visitors. 

Excitingly, now that the Corridor is completed, we can start to further develop our plans for the wider Green Grid project, which is embedded in Hart’s 2040 vision, continuing to connect our communities and encourage sustainable travel across the district.

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