Finding a home in Hart

Finding a home in Hart

For general information, please telephone 01252 774420 for information on private renting or renting through the Council’s Housing Register: alternatively, you can email and they will put you in touch with the relevant team.

Engagement and Support team

Our Engagement and Support team can provide you with information, assistance and advice to help you to resolve your housing situation if you are at risk of homelessness. If you would like to talk to our Engagement and Support officers, please complete a housing advise form.

Private renting

If you are looking for private rented accommodation you could try looking for properties through:

These websites are for information only and not a recommendation from the Council.

Advice for landlords and tenants

If you are a tenant or landlord and would like information and advice on your rights and responsibilities, how to deal with disagreements and fair rents, you may find the following websites useful:

Landlords can also visit National Residential Landlords Association website for advice and assistance.

The Rent Bond Scheme

If you need to move and you are unable to raise your own deposit you may be eligible for assistance through the Council’s Rent Bond Scheme. For further information please contact the Engagement and Support team on telephone 01252 774239 or email Please read our leaflet Information for Applicants on the Rent Bond Scheme for more information.

If you are a landlord interested in renting out a property or would like some information about the Rent Bond Scheme, please contact our Engagement and Support team on 01252 774239 or email Alternatively you can fill out a housing advise form. Please read our leaflet Information for Landlords on the Rent Bond Scheme for more information.

Housing Association Properties

Hart District Council does not own any council properties, or garages, but we do provide a housing register for people who want a home from one of the Registered Providers (RP’s) or Housing Associations in the Hart District. Hart's Allocations Policy can be read here and was last updated in April 2019. You can apply to join the register by completing our online form.
You can also read our leaflets Applying for a Home and look at the information on our homepage for more information on the Housing Register and how to bid for properties.
There is a national Home Swapper service available for social housing tenants who may be looking to exchange their homes either locally or nationally. Further information is available on the HomeSwapper website.
There are also charitable organisations that can provide affordable housing in Hart subject to meeting certain qualifying criteria.

Younger people

If you are 16 or 17 and can no longer stay in your home, please contact our Engagement and Support Team on 01252 774239 or email They will go through the options available to you. You can get some useful information from our leaflet Housing advice for Young People.

Step by Step and Fleet Phoenix are homeless charities helping young people who may be able to provide you with advice.

Older persons housing

There are a variety of ways to find suitable accommodation in the Hart District. run by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel and Which? websites can both provide information on private and affordable housing as well as independent general advice.

Hart District Council provide a Housing Register for people who want to apply for a home from one of our Housing Associations in the Hart District.
There are a variety of different types of older persons housing available including accommodation for over 55s, sheltered and Extra Care Schemes.

You can apply for older person’s accommodation at the Hart Homes website. You can also read our leaflets Applying for a Home and our homepage
for more information on the Housing Register and how to apply (bid) for properties.

For further information please contact the Housing team on 01252 774420 or email

If you would like further advice on help with staying in your own home or on the options available for moving on, you may find the
Aster Living website useful to you and in addition, please refer to the Council’s private sector housing pages about adaptations and grants to improve your home. 

Below is a 10-minute video showcasing the older persons housing facilities at Campbell Place in Fleet

Service and ex-service personnel

Haig Housing is the leading UK provider of rental housing for ex-Service people.

Shared ownership/Low cost home ownership schemes

There are several schemes available for people who are unable to afford to buy a home without some financial help through one of the governments' affordable home ownership products. The Help to Buy agent which covers affordable home ownership options within the Hart area is Help to Buy Agent 3. 
The Help to Buy Agent 3 website has information on a variety of help to buy schemes and they can also be contacted directly by telephoning 0800 4561188. 

From 1 April 2023 there will be a change to the Help to Buy Agent service. This page will be updated with the relevant information as and when it is made available. You are also able to check for updates via the Help to Buy Agent 3 website.

First Homes 

 In May 2021 the Government introduced a new affordable housing product called First Homes. First Homes are a Discount Market Sale product which allows first time buyers to buy a home with at least a 30% discount off a property's normal market value. The percentage discount that is applied to the home when it is initially sold must be passed on to all future owners of the home. First Homes properties will be delivered on sites which have a requirement to provide affordable homes and will be offered alongside other affordable housing including affordable rented and shared ownership homes. 

On 2nd December 2021 Hart's Cabinet agreed an Interim Planning Policy Statement which sets out how First Homes will be delivered and allocated within Hart, including a local connection requirement for people who are interested in purchasing a First Homes property within the district. 

On new developments First Homes will be sold by the developer (builder) of the homes, and on re-sale, homes will be sold by the homeowner and advertised through the normal estate agent route. When First Homes properties are sold, Hart District Council will be responsible for checking that interested purchasers meet the required criteria.

If you have any queries regarding First Homes, please contact Hart's Housing Team by calling 01252 774420 or emailing   

For more information, please also see Government First Homes Guidance 

Rural and Community-Led Housing

Hart District Council was a member of Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH), which was a partnership created to address the need for affordable housing in the villages of Hampshire. The HARAH partnership came to an end in March 2020 and developed into a new partnership - Hampshire Homes Hub (HHH) from April 2020.
This new Hampshire-wide group, of which Hart is a member, builds upon the successes of HARAH to offer support and guidance to rural communities across Hampshire who are looking to develop rural affordable housing within their community, and also offers a variety of resources to support community-led housing within both rural and town settings.
More information on current rural housing sites located within the Hart district can be found by viewing Rural Exception sites in Hart. Please note that rural exception properties are allocated in line with strict local connection criteria and are subject to specific mutual exchange criteria.

New developments in Hart

Over the past 3 years, over 300 new affordable homes have been provided within the Hart district, with further Affordable Housing being delivered throughout the next year. 
On new developments we work with the developer and Registered Providers (housing associations), who are registered on Hart's Preferred Partners List because they have demonstrated they are committed to providing a high level of service to their customers locally. We encourage all Registered Providers and developers to contact the Strategy and Development Team to discuss any proposals as early in the development process as possible. The team can provide data on housing need, tenures and size of affordable homes required and local information to help inform development proposals.

Further information regarding developing affordable housing within Hart can be found by viewing the Hart District Council Affordable Housing Informal Development Guidance.

Guidance regarding the development of wheelchair accessible housing within the district can also be found by viewing the Hart District Council Wheelchair Accessible Housing Guidance.

You can also visit Homes England for more information about the Affordable Homes Programme which provides funding for affordable homes.