Exporting & trading internationally

Have you considered exporting your goods and services?

Although your business may have an established UK market, there's often no reason why it couldn't successfully compete overseas too, growing your revenue and profit.

Before you start, you need to have sound knowledge of your would-be markets. You also need to consider whether your products are right for each target market and whether you have the necessary resources to start exporting. Find out how to get started with the resources below.

Department for International Trade

Department for International Trade (DIT) is a government run website who are responsible for promoting British trade across the world and ensuring the UK takes advantage of the huge opportunities open to us. They are responsible for the following:

  • Developing, coordinating and delivering a new trade and investment policy to promote UK business across the globe.
  • Developing and negotiating free trade agreements and market access deals with non-EU countries.
  • Negotiating plurilateral trade deals (focused on specific sectors or products).
  • Providing operational support for exports and facilitating inward and outward investment.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps companies to improve, innovate and grow through partnership and expert advice. The network offers a bridge to European opportunities to save time, money and reduce risk, providing practical, hands-on support and information for South East businesses hoping to expand into Europe, wishing to develop technology partnerships or seeking funding and tender opportunities. They also provide help through PartnerFinder, a free searchable database of 13,000 plus European Business opportunities.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce provide support and advice to businesses in all areas of International Trade development. They also provide up-to-date country information together with advice on essential documentation.

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