Climate action in Hart

What we're doing as a council to combat climate change

Our Council ambition:

  • we have made climate change a priority for Hart District
  • we are committed to becoming a carbon-neutral authority by 2035
  • we are committed to becoming a carbon-neutral district by 2040
  • incorporate reduction of CO2 emissions in Hart at the centre of all policies and formal decision-making

Councillors have also agreed to:

  • report to Council every six months on actions we are taking to address the climate change emergency
  • meaningfully engage with the local community and work with partners across the district and county to deliver these new goals through all relevant strategies and plans, drawing on local, national and global best practice
  • actively work with Hampshire County Council and the Government to provide the additional powers and resources needed to meet the 2040 target
  • actively encourage and push for Hampshire County Council to bring its target for achieving carbon neutrality forward to 2040, acknowledging that 2050 is too far away for such an emergency

Climate Change Working Group

Following the above agreement at Council, a Climate Change Working Group was established to meet regularly and provide direction for staff working on the climate change ambition.

The group meets several times a year and is made of up cross-party representatives and external stakeholders.

Our Climate Change Action Plan

In July 2023, Hart Council approved a new action plan that sets out what we will do over the next four years to reach carbon neutrality by 2040 (2035 for the council’s own emissions). Read our latest Climate Change Action Plan below.

Read our Climate Change Action Plan