Employment & skills plan

In Hart we are committed to supporting residents into employment and helping local businesses grow through access to local talent.

One way in which we can support this is through the encouragement of Employment and Skills Plans (ESPs) in association with new development.

An ESP sets out a commitment by the developer to provide employment and skills opportunities, including for example the employment of apprentices and the provision of careers advice to schools and colleges during the construction phase of the development. The Council will assist in the preparation of the ESP, and also in its implementation along with key partners such as Hampshire County Council and Jobcentre Plus.

The Council encourages ESPs on all developments of 25 or more residential units (net) and 1,000m2 or more commercial floor space.

Further details on the Council’s approach to Employment and Skills Plans can be found in the Employment and Skills Plan Interim Policy Note agreed by Cabinet in October 2018.

A draft template for an ESP can be found here.

Further information on the Indicators in the Employment and Skills Plans and other supporting information can be found on the CITB website

In conjunction with Hampshire County Council, we can provide advice and support in preparing and implementing ESPs. For further information please contact us at economic.development@hart.gov.uk.

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