Door supervisors

Door supervisors are licensed by the Security Industry Authority following the introduction of the Security Industries Act 2001.

You will need a licence if you are responsible for security, protection, screening the suitability of people entering premises or dealing with conflict in pubs, clubs and other licensed premises open to the public.

Anyone involved in door supervision, whether under contract or employed in-house will need a licence. This includes employees, managers, supervisors and directors of security companies. You will need a licence:

  • If you work as a door supervisor under contract for a client, or if you work 'in-house';
  • If you are a supervisor, manager, director or partner, or a sole trader providing door supervision staff;
  • If you are a manager or supervisor under contract who manages door supervisors who are also under contract.

If you wish to become a door supervisor, or want further information, contact the Security Industry Authority on 0844 892 1025 or via the SIA website.