Hart District Council is committed to working with residents, businesses and charities to improve the services it delivers across the district. Consultation is an essential part of this and we need to know your thoughts on changes that we intend to make. This page provides information on the current consultations that are open as well as information on consultations that have ended in the past six months.

Please note consultation on planning applications is found in the planning section of the website.

Open consultations

August 2020 - We are consulting with Rushmoor Borough Council and Surrey Heath Council about how our residents use local parks, footpaths and other green spaces. The consultation closes on 11 September. The survey is available at 

Past consultations (within the last six months)

March 2020 - We consulted on the Green Grid, 'Who will use it?' 'Where should it go?‘ and 'What should it look like?'. To find out more information visit Hart's Green Grid webpage. The consultation closed at 4pm on Tuesday 31 March.

Other local consultations

These consultations are not run by Hart District Council. They are run by other local organisations but could effect residents and businesses within Hart.

September/October 2020 – Hampshire Homes Hub on behalf of Falcon Communities, supported by Hook Parish Council and Hart District Council, is consulting on the types of affordable housing needed within Hook for first-time buyers with a connection to the parish. The consultation closes on 30 October. The survey is available at

Hampshire County Council Consultations - Hampshire County Council regularly hold consultations that could effect the services that you receive from it in Hart. Information on all active consultations can be found on their website.  


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