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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how important it is for individuals, groups and organisations to work together within communities, and what can be achieved when we do.

Here for Hart began in October 2020 with a small group of community-based services coming together to discuss how to support the recovery of Hart's communities from the impacts of the pandemic. Since then, we have engaged with a wide range of community partners and we will continue to do so, so that we can move forward together to improve the wellbeing of Hart residents and communities. 

Here for Hart is also about celebrating and raising awareness of what’s available to help people stay well and get support when they need it most.  We have launched the Here for Hart Bulletin to keep community partners up to date with the latest activity from the Community Recovery programme in Hart and shine a light on community initiatives and services supporting local people. Copies of the Bulletin can be found below:

Here for Hart Bulletin, Summer 2022 - highlighting ways Hart residents can reduce their social isolation, access green spaces and find free activities for families.
Text Only, Hart Bulletin, Summer 2022 - for easier printing and audio reading

Here for Hart Bulletin - Cost of Living Crisis

Here for Hart Bulletin Spring 2022

Here for Hart Bulletin January 2022

Here for Hart Bulletin November 2021

Here for Hart Bulletin September 2021

Supporting Communities Plan 2021-2023

The Supporting Communities Plan has been created to bring information together in one place about the Council's priorities, projects and partnerships which:

1. Support communities to recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic

2. Help us to better understand and tackle social and health inequalities

3. Nurture safe, supportive and inclusive communities

More about community partnerships

We work with a wide range of community partners to improve the lives of Hart residents.

Through our partnership with Hart Voluntary Action we connect with voluntary organisations and community groups who represent the needs of particular groups within our community. We also coordinate the following networks:

  • Hart Ageing Well Network: Brings together District Council representatives with local services and voluntary and community groups to share information and discuss issues impacting older people in the district.
  • Hart Starting Well Network: Brings together District Council representatives with schools, statutory partners and voluntary organisations to share information and discuss issues impacting children, young people and families in the district.
  • North East Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum: Brings together representatives from the many local agencies that work with the victims of domestic violence and abuse who live and work in Rushmoor and Hart. The forum aims to promote multi-agency working, collective decision-making, comprehensive information sharing and data collection. 

Voluntary and community organisations

Voluntary and community organisations play a vital role in the district, fulfilling a wide range of needs and wants for the community.

We support voluntary and community organisations in a variety of ways including grant funding, Hart Lottery, concessions and benefits in kind, and opportunities to network and share information.

We fund Hart Voluntary Action (HVA) to provide advice and support to voluntary and community organisations including the development of volunteering in the district. HVA can provide:

  • Advice and information 
  • Help with finding grants
  • Networking events
  • Project development
  • Training
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Promote the activities of groups and organisations.


If you would like to volunteer your time locally visit the Volunteer North Hampshire website, brought to you by Hart Voluntary Action and partners.

Community activities

A wide range of community, leisure and social activities happen across Hart. To find information about what’s happening in your community you could:

Valuing diversity

Our vision for Hart is a district that appreciates and celebrates its diversity, challenges intolerance and discrimination, and positively promotes equality. 

Each year we publish a diversity profile of Hart’s community alongside examples of how we use information about diversity in the district to shape our services and programmes. The report and our Equality Policy can be found on our Corporate policies page.