Hart District is made up of a number of distinct village and small town communities, of which Fleet is the largest. This page provides more information about the facilities and services we offer.

Community groups

There are a range of community groups that can be found across the district. Most of these are coordinated by the parish and town councils. To view any groups or events in your area, please visit our Hart parish councils page and select the relevant website for more information. 

Battle of the Somme centenary

Communities across the UK are being encouraged to hold vigils to mark the centenary of World War One's Battle of the Somme. Its 100th anniversary provides an opportunity to commemorate the service and sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the battle, to reflect upon the human cost of conflict and to have hope for a more peaceful world. 

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Community services

Note for Hart District Council contact centre.

Gypsies and Travellers

Many of the unauthorised encampments within the area are by groups of people who follow a nomadic way of life travelling the country, stopping off for a time and then moving on. These individuals are often referred to as travellers. Travellers are protected from discrimination by the Race Relation Act 1976 and the Human Rights Act 1998, together with all groups who have a particular culture, language or values.

It is not illegal to roam and a person or persons cannot be prevented from roaming. When however an individual or group of individuals move onto a piece of property without first gaining the permission of the landowner, this becomes a matter of civil trespass between the landowner the individual(s) illegally camped on the land and it is the responsibility of the landowner to deal with the encampment. The council is not legally obliged to remove individuals or groups who are illegally camped on council land but do try to move all unauthorised encampments as quickly as possible.

The Private Sector Housing Team in Housing Services 01252 774420 will visit any unauthorised encampments initially to establish if further action is required.​

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Gypsy & Travellers FAQs 

English as your second language

If you are having trouble understanding the services we provide or need help to translate any of the documents that we publish please contact us

Information for service personnel living in Hart

In Hart we have different members of service personal living across the district. This section of Hart News is looks at the different information and support groups available for service personal and their families.

SSAFA - SSAFA provides lifelong support to those who are serving or who have ever served in the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, and their families. Within Hart they have two local divisions they are Aldershot and Farnborough which can be contacted on 01252 322039 and the Basingstoke Division which can be contacted on 01256 816346. For more general information please visit or email

RAF Community Support website - The RAF Community Support Website is below, is aimed at keeping you informed of your entitlements and policy matters which affect you whilst providing you with the opportunity to keep in touch with each other through the provision of our Forums and Chat facilities.  Please visit for more information.

Forces Help to Buy scheme - Regular armed forces personnel can benefit from a £200 million scheme to help them get on the property ladder. The Forces Help to Buy scheme enables servicemen and servicewomen to borrow up to 50% of their salary, interest free, to buy their first home or move to another property on assignment or as their families needs change. For more information please visit

Money Force - Money Force id the home of money guidance for YUK service personnel and their families. For a full list of services please visit

SORTED! - SORTED! can provide you with easy access to seamless and integrated employment support services. SORTED! comprises seven well established charities, who are already providing a wide range of employment related services and help for individuals to find and retain work. For more information please visit

Lifeworks Families - LifeWorks Families is a free support service to help military spouses and partners get the job they want. It is available to all spouses and partners of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the Armed Forces, including Reserves. To see how they could help you, please visit

Relate – the relationship people - It can be tough keeping relationships together in these difficult times and Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and the Army Welfare Service both recognise that families and couples face additional pressures, due to long periods of separation, the stress of active service, and having to live a long way from family and friends. If you would like further information on the services provided, please see

Army Hives HIVE information centres support the chain of command and service communities through the provision of up-to-date and relevant information. The network is available to all members of the Service community. It serves both married and single personnel, together with their families, dependants and civilians employed by the Services. For more local information you can also view The Minley HIVE blog via

Combat Stress - Combat Stress id a veterans’ mental health charity that helps UK Veterans with psychological injuries rebuild their lives. Combat Stress delivers a unique range of specialist treatment and welfare support. Everything they do is free to the Veteran. For a full list of services please visit

Army Families Federation (AFF) - The Army Families Federation (AFF) is the independent voice of Army families and works hard to improve the quality of life for Army families around the world - on any aspect that is affected by the Army lifestyle. AFF is independent of the Army and offers confidential advice. AFF is often pivotal in achieving improvements for Army families such as changes to Government and military policy and changes to the delivery of how things are provided for families. For more information please visit

Aerobility - Aerobility provide disabled civilians and service personnel, without exception, the opportunity to fly and participate in a wide range of aviation activities from a number of airfields including Blackbushe.  For more information visit

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