Terms and conditions

Please find below sample Terms and Conditions for The Hart Business Centre, if you wish to discuss any points please contact the Economic Development Team on 01252 774046 or email economic.development@hart.gov.uk.

Terms and Conditions

1. Interpretation

  • References to “the Building” are in relation to Hart District Council Harlington Way Fleet GU51 4AE
  • References to “the Business Centre” are to Hart Business Centre
  • References to “you” are to the person entering into this hire agreement, their agents and persons using the Business Centre at your invitation or permission. Where the hirer is more than one person they are jointly and severally liable. “Your” and “you’re” shall be construed accordingly
  • References to “We” is a reference to Hart District Council, its staff members and agents appointed from time to time. “us” and “our” shall be construed accordingly
  • Referenced to “the Services” are to all Services provided by us at the Business Centre collectively

2. The Services. 

  • Standard Services. These include the single desk spaces and meeting rooms
  • Pay-As-You-Use Services. These include the printing services, access to the Mint Report, Meeting Rooms and  Tea and Coffee that are charged per use

3. The Business Centre operates from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday & 9:00am to 4:30pm Fridays. Office space will be available to Businesses that have booked and made valid payment for the Service.

4. We reserve the exclusive right to relocate the Business Centre to another location within the Building as we deem appropriate.

5. All of the optional services described as Standard and Pay-As-You-Use Services are subject to availability of our the Business Centre staff/equipment at the time of any service request. We will endeavour to deal with a service request at the earliest opportunity, but will not be held responsible for any delay

6. Hart Business Centre is a shared business space; each business is limited to the use of 4 desks at one time. If we consider your business is operating excessively or unfairly to other users we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to our usual published rates or ask you to vacate the Business Centre entirely. Any fees already paid will not be refunded.

7. You are not permitted to book the Business Centre for other people or allow other persons to book desks for you

8. We may suspend the provision of services (including access to the Hart Business Centre) for reasons of political unrest, strikes or other events beyond our reasonable control.

9. If we are unable to provide any of the services that have been booked, we will use our best endeavours to provide an alternative. We have no liability for any direct or indirect losses incurred. You may cancel the agreement without penalty and you will not be charged for any of the service that are unavailable where no alternative is provided.

10. Fees.

10.1 All Fees are due within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice. We may charge interest at 4% above the Barclays Bank Base Rate from time to time on any late payments. Any disputes in relation to the invoice amount should be made in writing to Head of Economic Development at Hart District Council.

10.2 We reserve the right to withhold services whilst there are any outstanding fees and interest or you are in breach of your agreement.

10.3 In the following clauses, any reference to “fees” alone means all of the Standard hire fees, Pay-As-You-Use fees.

10.4 Unless specifically provided for in this agreement, any fees paid are non-refundable.

10.5  Standard Services.  The Standard Service fee plus VAT in all cases, are payable in respect of the services to be provided during the following month in advance  

10.6 Pay-As-You-Use Services. Fees for pay-as-you-use services in accordance with our published rates from time to time, fees for Pay-As-You-Use Services, plus VAT are invoiced in arrears

11. Hart Business Centre will be staffed by us during opening hours. Staff will be entitled to refuse entry to any person unable to provide proof of booking or payment

12. Network and Internet. We will provide access to Wifi at the Business Centre

13. You must comply with any copyright notices, license terms or other notices appearing on screens or as part of any published material including but not limited to that on the Internet. You must not copy, use or exploit software or other material in any way, unless we have explicitly given you permission to do so in writing. You must strictly comply with the terms of any permission that we give.

14. No warranty is given as to the security of our Internet or of any information that you place on it. You should adopt whatever security measures (such as encryption) you believe are appropriate to your circumstances.

15. No warranty is given to the a particular speed, stability or degree of availability of the Network and Internet services provided at the Business Centre

16. You will comply with the our Internet Policy as published from time to time

17. We warrant that the services shall be provided and performed in a professional and workmanlike manner and shall conform to the description of the services set out in the offer for services.

18. The above warranty is in lieu of all other terms, conditions and warranties, whether express or implied by usage, custom, statute or otherwise, appertaining to the services and manner in which we perform our obligations and exercise our rights including, but without prejudice to the generally of the foregoing, such as relate to the description, performance, quality, suitability or fitness for any particular purpose, of the services. We do not warrant that services will be uninterrupted or error free.

19. Internet is provided for business use only at the Business Centre. No personal use is permitted and we reserve the right to charge an additional fee if it is being used for personal use.

20. Using the Centre.

20.1 You must only use the Business Centre for office purposes and for only the business stated in your agreement or subsequently agreed in writing with us. Any use involving frequent visits by members of the public is not permitted

20.2 You will keep your hired desks and any communal areas tidy and free from obstruction. We reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee if the work space is left in a condition we deem to be unsuitable.

20.3 Hart Business Centre is used in common with other businesses. You will use the Business Centre in a way that does not interfere, obstruct or disrupt other users.

20.4 You must not do anything to cause a nuisance obstruction or nuisance to any visitors or employees of Hart District Council

20.5 You may only carry on your business in your name or an alternative name that we agree in advance. You must not put up any signs on the doors to the Hart Business Centre or anywhere in the council offices, which is visible from outside. You may not use the business Centre address as your registered office address unless you have this service included in your membership.

20.6 You must take good care of all parts of the business Centre, its equipment, fittings and furnishings which you use. You must not alter any part of it. You are liable for any damage by you or those in the Business Centre with your permission or at your invitation.

20.7 You must not install any furniture or office equipment, cabling, IT, Internet or telecoms connections/equipment. Any items you bring in to use at the Business Centre are at your own risk.

20.8 You must comply with all relevant legislation when using the Business Centre

20.9 You are liable for any damage, direct or indirect losses and/or costs caused by your use of the Business Centre.

20.10 You warrant that any equipment, including laptop and phone chargers, that you bring into the Business Centre complies with safety standards (including electrical and fire safety) and that you accept all liability for any loss, damage, claims and costs arising from use of your own items

20.11 You must comply with any house rules at all times when using the Business Centre. We reserve the right to amend the house rules from time to time and provide you with a copy.

20.12 There is no allocated parking for use of the Business Centre. Customers must use the public car parks available

20.13 We will be responsible for any repair and maintenance of items that belong to us – unless they have been broken by an act or omission of the Customer.

21. No Partnership.

21.1 None of the provisions of this Agreement and no action taken by the parties under this Agreement shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership or a relationship of principal and agent or any other fiduciary relationship and neither party has authority to bind the other in any way.

21.2 You shall not lead any person to believe (directly or indirectly) that your business in affiliated with Hart District Council with any way other than the use of the Business Centre

22. Limitation of Liability.

22.1 All personal belonging are brought onto and used in the Business Centre at the risk of the owner. Hart District Council accepts no liability for any items that the Customer brings to the Business Centre. Hart District council makes no warranties as to the suitability of the Business Centre for use of any personal or business equipment. You must insure any of your items at your own risk.

22.2 We are not liable for any loss if we are unable to provide any of the services due to matters beyond our control or disposal of our interest in the. We are also not liable for any failure to provide the service until you have given notice and given us a reasonable time remedy. You agree (a) that we will not have any liability for any loss, damage or claim which arises as a result of, or in connection with your agreement and/or your use of the services except to the extent to that such loss, damage, connection with, your agreement

22.3 We will only be liable for up to a maximum of £25million for personal injury or death; 

23. No interest in land.

23.1 This agreement is a contract for the hire of a desk space at the Business Centre. You agree that you do not have exclusive possession and nothing in this Agreement creates a relationship of landlord and tenant or confers any security of tenure.

23.2 This agreement if personal to you and may not be assigned

24. Duration.

24.1 This agreement shall be apply for the period stated above in which you have made payment for the service. This agreement shall cease to apply if you cease to pay for services provided by Hart Business Centre or it is terminated in accordance with this agreement SAVE FOR any subsisting breach.

25. Termination.

25.1 This agreement automatically comes to an end on the last day of the period stated above. Renewal of the membership will constitute a new agreement.

25.2 You may terminate your membership at any time. We reserve the right to charge a penalty for cancellation of the membership prior to the end of your membership period.

25.3 We reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately if:

a) You become insolvent, go into liquidation or are unable to pay your debts as and when they fall due.

b) We have served you 14 days’ notice of a breach under this agreement and you have been unable to remedy the breach

c) Consistent breach of the terms of this agreement

d) We consider that the conduct of any person under your permission or in your agency is unacceptable and/or incompatible with ordinary office use.

If your membership is terminated in accordance with points (a), (b), (c) or (d) above you are still obligated to:

  • Pay for any outstanding services that have been used up to and including the date of termination
  • Pay the standard fee for the remainder of the period for which your agreement had it not been terminated

25.4 If you continue to use the Business Centre facilities after the end of your agreement:

25.5 You are responsible for any loss, claim or liability we incur as a result of your failure to vacate on time.

25.6 We may, at our discretion, permit you an extension subject to a surcharge on the standard fee.

26. Closure of the Business Centre.

26.1 In the unlikely event that we are no longer able to provide the services and accommodation at the Business Centre stated then your agreement will end and you will only have to pay standards fees up to the date it ends and for the additional services you have used.

27. Vacating the Business Centre.

27.1 At the end of the agreement (however it is terminated) you must leave the Business Centre in the same condition as it was at the commencement of your agreement. You must remove all personal belongings and item brought into the Business Centre. We reserve the right to charge you for any costs incurred with reinstating and space you have used. We reserve the right to dispose of any items left at the Business Centre or charge you for the costs of storage.

28. Notices.

28.1 All notices must be in writing and sent to the registered office by first class post in writing. For the purposes of this agreement, in writing shall include email but not fax

29. Confidentiality.

29.1 The terms of your agreement are confidential. Subject to legislative or statutory requirements, neither party may disclose the terms of the contract without the other’s consent. This obligation continues after your agreement ends.

30. Data Protection.

30.1 You acknowledge that Hart District Council is bound by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004. You agree that we may process, disclose or transfer any personal data which we hold on or in relation to you for the purposes of complying with such data protection legislation.

31. Jurisdiction.

31.1 This agreement is governed exclusively by the law and England and Wales


House Rules

  1. The hirer’s employees and guests shall conduct themselves in a business-like manner; proper business attire shall be worn at all times; noise level will be kept to a level as to not interfere with or annoy other business centre users.
  2. The hirer shall not, without Hart District Council prior written consent, store or operate in the Hart Business Centre, any computer (excepting a personal computer) or any other large business machine, reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, stereo equipment or other mechanical amplification equipment, vending or coin operated machine, refrigerator, boiler or coffee equipment. Additionally, the hirer must not conduct and mechanical business therein, do any cooking therein, or use or allow to be used in the building where the business centre is located, oil burning fluids, gasoline, kerosene for heating, warming or lighting. No article deemed hazardous on account of fire or any explosives shall be brought into the Business Centre. No offensive gasses, odours or liquids shall be permitted. No weapons concealed or otherwise shall be permitted. The business centre is intended to be used solely for office use.
  3. The hirer must not conduct business in the council hallways and reception areas.
  4. The hirer shall not bring animals into the building other than certified assistance animals which are being used solely for the purpose of such certification.
  5. All property belonging to the hirer or any of the hirer’s employee, agent or invitee shall be at the risk of such person only and Hart District Council shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation.
  6. Smoking shall be prohibited in all public areas, including meeting rooms and directly outside Hart District Council’s main entrance. No smoking shall be permitted at any time in any area of the business centre.
  7. You are prohibited from participating in any type of harassing, discriminatory or abusive behaviour to Hart District Council team members, other hirers or invitees, verbal or physical in the business centre for any reason. Any breach of this rule is a material breach of your agreement (not capable of remedy) and your agreement may be terminated immediately and services will be suspended without further notice.
  8. All of the pay-as-you-use services are subject to the availability of the business centre staff at the time of any service request. Hart District Council will endeavour to deal with a service request at the earliest opportunity and provide the additional service the hirer requires, but Hart District Council will not be held responsible for any delay.
  9. The hirer must comply with any copyright notices, license terms or other notices appearing on screens or as part of any published material including but not limited to that on the Internet or our Network (internal or external)
  10. Hart District Council do not make representations as to the security of our internet or of any information that you place on it. The hirer should adopt whatever security measures (such as encryption) you believe are appropriate.
  11. Hart District Council will not be held responsible for any disruption to the Wi-Fi offered. We do not warrant that services will be uninterrupted or error free.


The following are applicable to Virtual Packages and Platinum Packages only.

  1. All mail items received and business information received is treated as commercially confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our company or partner companies we use in the provision of your service. We reserve the right, however, to provide information to the police or other investigative bodies where it is our belief that our services are being or have been used for criminal or fraudulent purposes.
  2. In the event of a client receiving beyond a reasonable amount of post, or to which such said business/individual lends itself to being involved in a situation where we can expect to receive high volumes of mail (more than 50 items per week) then we reserve the right to serve one month's written notice to terminate your Mail Collection services.
  3. Our reception will not accept oversized packages or parcels.
  4. All mail must be collected in regular intervals (minimum of 1 collection per week)
  5. If changing Registered Office address to the Hart Business Centre you require to supply the following which will be held onsite;
  • Register of members
  • Register of directors and secretaries
  • Register of charges
  • Minutes of proceedings

(These documents would be made available to view by HMRC, Companies House or members of the public)

Due to the anti-money laundering regulations, all Virtual and Platinum package hirers must provide the following;

  • The full name, address, date of birth and telephone number of all persons for whom mail is to be received, held or forwarded
  • The nature of business to be undertaken or reason for rental where rental is not for business purposes. A business can be defined as an activity involving the sale of goods and/or services
  • Two forms of identification for all persons for whom mail is to be received, held or forwarded, of a type approved by the Company, including a ‘proof of identity’ and a ‘proof of address

If you are applying on behalf of another individual or business, e.g. accountant, formation agent etc, we will also require your identification. If the company is already on the Companies House register, we will require your certificate of Incorporation.



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