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If you carry out building work you need to have various stages of the work inspected to ensure that it complies with the Building Regulations. You shouldn't start work until a valid application or notice is given to the Council.

Hart District Council Building Control has entered into a shared service arrangement with Rushmoor Borough Council and the Building Control team is now based in Rushmoor Borough Council offices in Farnborough.

You can read more about the new service in our news article.

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Making an online application

Building Control applications can be made online via the Planning Portal website:

You must submit a full plans application if the work relates non-domestic work, to a building that is to be built over or near a public sewer, or put to a 'Relevant Use', i.e. Hotels, Boarding Houses and Workplaces. Please contact the Building Control office if you require clarification of this point.

The benefit of the full plans system is that for more complicated work you have the protection of an approved design and Building Regulation related problems should be minimal in the build process. Under this system there is initially a plan check fee to pay on submission that makes up approximately 25 percent of the total fee, the remainder is invoiced to the person carrying out the work when building work starts.

Once your Full plans application or Building Notice is accepted, if you wish to start work you should contact this office to arrange for site inspections to be carried out. You should also contact the Development Control Section to check if Planning Permission is required for your proposal.

Fees for a building notice

If you apply for a building notice, you will only have to pay one fee and this is when you submit the application. Please note that we have changed our fees from 1 June. 

Notifying the Council of demolition 

If you are planning to carry out demolition work greater than 1750 cu ft in volume (some exemptions apply) you will need to notify the council before you start. To help you calculate the area please use the volume calculator. The Council should be notified in writing at least six weeks before the work is due to start. Demolition works should not commence until either the six weeks have elapsed or a Notice is served by the council.

A demolition notice must specify the building to which it relates and the works of demolition intended to be carried out, and it is the duty of a person giving such a notice to a local authority to send or give a copy of it to:

(i) the occupier of any building adjacent to the building, (ii) any public gas supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated

(iii) the public electricity supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated and any other person authorised by a licence under that part to supply electricity to the building

Register of applications submitted for Approval under the Building Regulations

View Building Control applications. Please note that essential maintenance of our database system will be taking place between 28th April and the 4th May, during which time viewing online will be unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The only records that the Council has retained since 1986 are core information that comprises:

A reference number and the date that an application was submitted  |  The address of the Property (at the time of application)  |  A description of the Proposed Work  |  The current status of those proposed works  |  The date (if any) of when any Completion Certificate was issued.

The Council has published the building control environmental information that it holds in a viewable register that can be inspected on the computers in the Council Offices Reception area.

Downloadable documents:

How to contact Building Control


Phone: 01252 398715

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