Brownfield Land Register

The Brownfield Land Register is a list of previously developed sites that are available and potentially suitable for housing development across the district. The sites must meet specific criteria set out in legislation regarding site size, suitability for residential development, availability and achievability. The Brownfield Land Register was most recently updated in December 2022.

View the register and interactive online mapping here:

This data has been provided under the Open Government Licence.

Further information can be found at Brownfield Land Registers

Submitting a site for the register

We will update the Brownfield Land Register at least on an annual basis and we want to make it as comprehensive as possible. To submit a site for consideration please contact the Planning Policy Team at or call 01252 774118. Please send us a plan showing the site's boundaries, together with information about the site including its current use, and why you consider that it meets the criteria for inclusion. Site submissions may be made at any time and considered whenever the next update takes place. The Brownfield Land Register is a public document and therefore the details of any sites included are treated as public information. Personal data will not be published.