Hampshire County Council is investing more than £28m to bring Superfast broadband to over 100,000 homes and businesses across Hampshire that would otherwise not be reached. These are mostly small towns and villages in harder to reach, rural areas although the rollout does include parts of cities like Winchester and Basingstoke.

BT and Virgin currently have plans to cover 80% of Hampshire with Superfast broadband under their own commercial investment. The Hampshire Superfast Broadband programme is stepping in to upgrade as much of the remaining 20% as possible.

The project brought the total coverage up to 90% at the end of 2015 and since then has connected thousands more homes and businesses. The rollout is underway to reach 97.4% of Hampshire by the end of 2019.

Did you know?

Superfast broadband means a download speed of 24Mbps or more, which is fast enough to do everything online, from seamless streaming of TV and films to working at home and shopping online.

Superfast Broadband in Hart

Currently more than 93% of homes and businesses in Hart District have access to Superfast broadband (Think Broadband, March 2018).

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband programme has upgraded nearly 7,000 of these properties that would not have got Superfast from any other supplier. These are served by 36 roadside cabinets, which have all been upgraded to fibre.

These are listed by area, below. To find out more about Superfast broadband in your area, please visit the Superfast Broadband website and enter your postcode into the green postcode checker box on the homepage. 


Broadband cabinets

  Blackwater and Hawley

  Blackwater 3;


  Crondall 4; Crondall 6; Crondall 7


  Crondall 1; Crondall 8


  Fleet 20; Fleet 31; Fleet 39; Fleet 53; Fleet 61

  Hartley Wintney

  Hartley Wintney 1; Hartley Wintney 2; Hartley Wintney 3; Hartley Wintney 4; Hartley Wintney 5; Hartley Wintney 6; Hartley Wintney 7; Hartley Wintney 8; Hartley Wintney 9;


  Heckfield 2


  Hook 7; Hook 20

  Long Sutton

  Long Sutton 2


  Odiham 1; Odiham 2; Odiham 3; Odiham 4; Odiham 5; Odiham 8; Odiham 9; Odiham 10

  South Warnborough

  Long Sutton 3


  Yateley 18; Yateley 28; Yateley 44;

Ultrafast broadband

65% of properties in Hart have access to ultrafast broadband (more than 100Mbps). The Hampshire Superfast broadband programme has recently upgraded 10 houses in the centre of Fleet  to ultrafast broadband, via a ‘fibre-to-the-premise’ connection. The upgrade, called ‘Fleet 61’, provides a fibre connection all the way from the telephone exchange, directly into people’s homes, meaning it does not need to go via a roadside cabinet or use any copper wiring. Ultrafast broadband can provide download speeds of up to 330Mbps.

Future Plans

Another 11 cabinets are in the programme to be upgraded between now and the end of 2019. These planned upgrades will bring Superfast broadband to approximately 700 more homes and businesses.

What if I get really slow broadband - less than 2Mbps? 

The UK Government is offering a Basic Broadband Subsidy scheme to support people living in properties that can only get broadband speeds of 2Mbps or less, who are also not due to be upgraded any other way in the next 12 months. Visit the webpage to find out more and apply for the Better Basic Broadband scheme Better Basic Broadband scheme.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, and the government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain. As part of this commitment in March 2018 the government announced a £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Gigabit vouchers can be used by small businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit capable connection. 

Businesses can claim up to £3,000 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. Residents can claim a voucher worth £500 as part of a group project. 

One gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit you and your business into the future.

For full details about whether you are eligible for a voucher and to connect you to a full fibre broadband supplier, go to: