Assisted collections

Ask for help to put your bins out

If you have difficulty moving your waste and recycling bins and boxes due to your age or a disability, you can apply for our assisted waste collection service. 

How does it work?

You complete the assisted collection form and our staff will review your situation. If you are approved and set up, the collection crew will come and collect your bins from the agreed location. You won't have to take them to the kerbside yourself. We may contact you to discuss your needs and agree a location for your bins to be stored.

The Council will write to all householders registered for this service every two years to confirm that the service is still required. If you don't respond, this could result in the service being cancelled.

Who is it for?

This scheme is for those people who can't put their bins out at the kerbside. 

Before you complete the form

You should only apply for this service if you have no one else in the property able to put out the bins for you. 

Any information you provide through this service will be processed in line with Hart District Council Privacy Policy