Assets of Community Value

Assets of community value

Designation as an Asset of Community Value (sometimes known as the Community Right to Bid) provides a way of protecting facilities that are important to local communities. Where land or buildings are listed as Assets of Community Value their sale can be ‘paused’ to allow the community time to develop a bid to buy it. Assets of Community Value could include your local pub, library or football ground.

To be designated as an Asset of Community Value an application must be made by a Town or Parish Council, or other appropriate organisation. Once an application is made we will undertake consultation with relevant owners and occupiers and consider whether the asset contributes to the community’s social well-being or social interests (including cultural, sporting or recreational interests). If you would like to nominate land and/or a building please fill in our online form.

If something on this register is offered for sale, a Community Group can express an interest in making a bid. That Group will then have up to six months to prepare a bid. However, there is no obligation upon the owner to accept that bid.

For further information on who can nominate land or buildings and on the criteria for an Asset to be successfully nominated please read the guide to Understanding the Community Right to Bid.

Please see the current Register of Assets of Community Value.


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