Hart News

We publish our Hart News publication twice a year - in the spring/summer and autumn/winter - and deliver it to all households in the Hart District. 

We use Hart News to tell residents about the services we provide, local activities and events found throughout the district. You will also find information in Hart News about some of the things our partners, such as the police and local housing associations, are doing.

We offer limited advertising space for local businesses and organisations, if you would like more information please email hartnews@hart.gov.uk.

From below, please click on an edition that you would like to view online:

Winter 2022                                              Summer 2022

Hart News Winter 2022    Hart News Summer 2022

Winter 2021                                      Summer 2021

Hart News front cover  - Winter 2021   Hart News - Residents newspaper - front cover

Winter 2019                                      Summer 2019

Front page of Hart News winter 2019   Front page of Hart News summer 2019

Winter 2018                                  Spring/Summer 2018

Front page of Hart News winter 2018   Front page of Hart News spring/summer 2018

Autumn/Winter 2017                      Spring/Summer 2017

Front page of Hart News autumn/winter 2017     Front page of Hart News spring/summer 2017

Autumn/Winter 2016                     Spring/Summer 2016

Hart News Autumn Winter 2016     Hart News Spring Summer 2016

Autumn/Winter 2015                     Spring/Summer 2015

Hart News Autumn Winter 2015     Hart News Spring Summer 2015

Autumn/Winter 2014                    Spring/Summer 2014

Hart News Autumn Winter 2014     Hart News Spring Summer 2014 

 Autumn/Winter 2013                    Spring/Summer 2013                       

Hart News Autumn Winter 2013     Hart News Spring Summer 2013  

Winter 2012 - Special Edition          Autumn/Winter 2012                     Spring/Summer 2012

Hart News Winter 2012 Special Edition     Hart News Autumn Winter 2012     Hart News Spring Summer 2012

Autumn/Winter 2011                      Spring/Summer 2011

Hart News Autumn Winter 2011     Hart News Spring Summer 2011