Evidence base

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5 Year Housing Land Supply

Hart Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement and Housing Trajectory at 1st April 2022 

Hart's Housing Delivery Test: 2021 measurement was 210%.  

Specialist housing for older people

Advice on the need for specialised accommodation for older people, June 2021   

Older Persons specialist accommodation position statement November 2022

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) November 2016
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Appendices November 2016


Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2020


Employment Land Review

Joint Employment Land Review 2016
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 1 - Hart
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 2 - Rushmoor
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 3 - Surrey Heath

Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study

Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015 Part 1
Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015 Part 2


Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study 2010


Hampshire Character Assessment

Landscape Assessment 1997

Flood Risk

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2016)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2016) Volume 2 - Maps

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 - Addendum surface water Indicative Flood Problem Areas

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Sequential Test - January 2018

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 - February 2018


Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2018

Open Space and Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Strategy 2017

Open Space Study 2016

Playing Pitch Strategy 2016

Built Facilities Strategy 2016

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study and Playing Pitch Strategy Overview Report and Executive Summary


National Heritage List for England

Historic England Heritage at Risk Register

Hampshire Historic Environment Record

Hampshire Historic Landscape Character Assessment

Conservation Areas / Management Plans


Settlement Hierarchy 2010

Urban Characterisation and Density Study (UCDS) 2010
Study of the six main settlements in Hart District – Fleet and Church Crookham, Yateley, Blackwater, Hook, Odiham and Hartley Wintney.

Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22

Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area

Natural England SAMM Tariff Guidance 2011

Thames Basin Heath SPA Delivery Framework 2009

Parish Profiles

Parish Profiles


Urban Characterisation and Density Study:

UCDS Main text

Appendix 1 - Fleet Settlement Area:
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 1A
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 1B
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 2
Fleet Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Fleet Legibility & Movement Map
Elvetham Heath & Ancells Road Neighbourhood Area Map
Fleet Town Centre Neighbourhood Area Map
Town Centre Townscape Analysis Map (Fleet)
Pondtail Neighbourhood Area Map
South Fleet Neighbourhood Area Map
West Fleet Neighbourhood Area Map
Church Crookham Estates Neighbourhood Area Map
Gally Hill Road Neighbourhood Area Map
Queen Elizabeth Barracks Neighbourhood Area Map
Sandy Lane Triangle Neighbourhood Area Map
Zebon Copse Neighbourhood Area Map

Appendix 2 - Odiham Settlement Area:
Odiham text
Odiham Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Odiham Legibility & Movement Map
East & South Odiham Neighbourhood Area Map
West Odiham Neighbourhood Area Map

Appendix 3 - Hook Settlement Area:
Hook text
Hook Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Hook Legibility & Movement Map
North Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
East Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
Hook Historic Core Neighbourhood Area Map
Town Centre Townscape Analysis Map (Hook)
Griffin Way Estate Neighbourhood Area Map
South Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
West Hook Neighbourhood Area Map

Appendix 4 - Hartley Wintney Settlement Area:
Hartley Wintney text
Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Hartley Wintney Legibility & Movement Map
Hartley Wintney North Neighbourhood Area Map
Hartley Wintney South Neighbourhood Area Map

Appendix 5 - Blackwater Settlement Area:
Blackwater text
Blackwater Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Blackwater Legibility and Movement Map
North Blackwater Neighbourhood Area Map
South Blackwater Neighbourhood Area Map

Appendix 6 - Yateley Settlement Area:
Yateley text
Yateley Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Yateley Legibility & Movement Map
West Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map
East Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map
South Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map