Evidence base

This includes background studies, monitoring reports and sustainability appraisals that inform the preparation of planning policies and guidance. For further advice please contact planningpolicy@hart.gov.uk or telephone 01252 774118

All supporting documents and reports can be found by clicking on a sub heading or alternatively at the bottom of this page.


Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register

Information on self-build and custom housebuilding can be found on our dedicated webpage.

Hart Brownfield Register

Hart District Council has prepared a Brownfield Register which contains a list of brownfield sites in the district suitable for residential development:

Brownfield Register (excel)
Brownfield Register (CSV)

Sites identified in the Brownfield Register do not have automatic permission in principle, nor is any permission granted other than through current planning procedures and policy. The register is a 'live' document and can be updated in light of the latest information on suitable sites and the availability of SANG.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) November 2016
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Appendices November 2016

Affordable Housing Background Paper March 2017

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) February 2018
Annex - Five Year Housing Land Supply at 6 October 2017

5 year housing land supply

Hart Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement, 1st April 2018

Site Assessments

High Level and Detailed Housing Site Assessments and Sustainability Appraisal

Gypsy and Travellers

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2016


The Council has adopted an Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan which set out the strategic direction for economic development in the District, with a focus on business and economic growth.

Employment Land Review

Employment Land Review 2016

Hart Functional Economic Area

Hart Functional Economic Area 2014
Local Authorities are required to have a good understanding of the larger economic areas that they are part of in order to identify which neighbouring authorities they need to work with under the Duty to Cooperate in plan-making.


Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study

Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015


Green Infrastructure Strategy 2017

Annual Biodiversity Monitoring Report 2014/15

Water Cycle Study 2017
Water Cycle Study 2017 - Appendices

North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study 2010

Landscape Capacity Study 2016

Hampshire Character Assessment

Landscape Assessment 1997

Flood Risk

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2016

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Sequential Test - January 2018
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 - February 2018

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Addendum - Sequential Test - April 2017 (now superceded)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 - April 2017 (now superceded)

Dry Islands

Viability Study

Viability Study Addendum 2018

Whole Plan and CIL Viability Study December 2016

Residential appendices
Non residential appendices


Transport Assessment 2018

Open Space

Open Space Study 2016
Open Space Study Letter of Comfort

Playing Pitch Strategy 2016

Built Facilities Strategy 2016

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study and Playing Pitch Strategy Overview Report and Executive Summary


National Heritage List for England

Historic England Heritage at Risk Register

Hampshire Historic Environment Record

Hampshire Historic Landscape Character Assessment

Conservation Areas / Management Plans


Settlement Hierarchy 2010

Urban Characterisation and Density Study (UCDS) 2010
Study of the six main settlements in Hart District – Fleet and Church Crookham, Yateley, Blackwater, Hook, Odiham and Hartley Wintney.

Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

Authority Monitoring Report 2018

Annual Monitoring Report 2017

Annual Monitoring Report 2016 - Addendum to 2016 AMR

Annual Monitoring Report 2015

Annual Monitoring Report 2014

Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area

Thames Basin Heath Interim Avoidance Strategy

Natural England SAMM Tariff Guidance 2011

Thames Basin Heath SPA Delivery Framework 2009

Sustainability Appraisals, Strategic Environmental Assessments, and Habitats Regulations Assessments

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report This was consulted between Thursday 10 April and Friday 16 May 2014
Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Appendix 1

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Appendix 2

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Appendix 3

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Appendix 4

Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA)

Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA)

Parish Profiles

Parish Profiles

Previous Public consultations

Draft Hart Local Plan Strategy and Sites 2011-2032 April 2017

The consultation ran from 26 April to 5pm on 9 June 2017

The responses received are available here

Summary of responses

Refined Options for Delivering New Homes Consultation 2016

The consultation was open to the public from 4 February until 4pm on Friday 18 March.

The results of the Refined Options of Delivering New Homes consultation are available here.

Summary of responses

Housing Development Options Paper Consultation 2014

Housing Development Options Paper sets out how much housing growth there should be up to 2032 and options for where it should take place.

The consultation started on 14 August 2014 until 5pm 10 October 2014.


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment:

SHLAA Main Report February 2018

Appendix 9 Site Assessments
​Broad Oak
Crookham Village
Eversley Centre
Eversley Cross
Eversley Street
Hartley Wintney
Hound Green
Long Sutton
Mill Lane
North Warnborough
Rural Sites
South Warnborough

Employment Land Review

Joint Employment Land Review 2016
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 1 - Hart
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 2 - Rushmoor
ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - section 3 - Surrey Heath

Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study

Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015 Part 1
Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015 Part 2

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment:

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2016)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2016) Volume 2 - Maps

Dry Islands:

Information on Dry Islands
List of Dry Islands in the Hart District 2010-2012
Map of Darby Green, Frogmore and Blackwater 2010
Map of Eversley and Yateley 2010
Map of Hook 2010
Map of Fleet Area 2010

North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development:

North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study
Amendment to Table A1 North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study

Landscape Capacity Study

Landscape Capacity Study - Main Report and Appendix 1
Landscape Capacity Study - Appendix 2

Urban Characterisation and Density Study:

UCDS Main text
Appendix 1 - Fleet Settlement Area:
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 1A
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 1B
Fleet and Church Crookham text Part 2
Fleet Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Fleet Legibility & Movement Map
Elvetham Heath & Ancells Road Neighbourhood Area Map
Fleet Town Centre Neighbourhood Area Map
Town Centre Townscape Analysis Map (Fleet)
Pondtail Neighbourhood Area Map
South Fleet Neighbourhood Area Map
West Fleet Neighbourhood Area Map
Church Crookham Estates Neighbourhood Area Map
Gally Hill Road Neighbourhood Area Map
Queen Elizabeth Barracks Neighbourhood Area Map
Sandy Lane Triangle Neighbourhood Area Map
Zebon Copse Neighbourhood Area Map
Appendix 2 - Odiham Settlement Area:
Odiham text
Odiham Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Odiham Legibility & Movement Map
East & South Odiham Neighbourhood Area Map
West Odiham Neighbourhood Area Map
Appendix 3 - Hook Settlement Area:
Hook text
Hook Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Hook Legibility & Movement Map
North Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
East Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
Hook Historic Core Neighbourhood Area Map
Town Centre Townscape Analysis Map (Hook)
Griffin Way Estate Neighbourhood Area Map
South Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
West Hook Neighbourhood Area Map
Appendix 4 - Hartley Wintney Settlement Area:
Hartley Wintney text
Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Hartley Wintney Legibility & Movement Map
Hartley Wintney North Neighbourhood Area Map
Hartley Wintney South Neighbourhood Area Map
Appendix 5 - Blackwater Settlement Area:
Blackwater text
Blackwater Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Blackwater Legibility and Movement Map
North Blackwater Neighbourhood Area Map
South Blackwater Neighbourhood Area Map
Appendix 6 - Yateley Settlement Area:
Yateley text
Yateley Neighbourhood Boundaries Map
Yateley Legibility & Movement Map
West Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map
East Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map
South Yateley Neighbourhood Area Map

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