Emerging planning policy and guidance

This includes details of planning documents currently being prepared, or to be prepared at a future date, including any current consultations. For advice on emerging planning policy and guidance and any consultations please contact planningpolicy@hart.gov.uk or telephone 01252 774118

Hart District Local Plan

Hart District Council recently consulted on the Draft Local Plan Strategy and Sites 2011-2032. The consultation documents and further details are available at www.hart.gov.uk/draft-local-plan.

The Local Plan is the key local planning policy document. It is underpinned by an evidence base to ensure that all future planning policy and decisions are based on robust and up-to-date information.

The timetable for preparing a new local plan is set out in the Local Development Scheme: Seventh Revision.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council has not yet introduced CIL but is in the process of setting a charge. Further details on CIL will be set out on the website in due course.

Neighbourhood Plans

A number of Neighbourhood Plans are being prepared across the district. Further information can be found on our Neighbourhood Plans page.

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