Current planning policy and guidance

This includes the adopted development plan policies that cover Hart, and other planning documents that may be taken into account when determining planning applications. For additional information, please view the Planning Advice and Planning Applications page. For advice on how current planning policies and guidance apply to particular development proposals or planning applications please contact or telephone 01252 774419

Current Planning Policy

The Development Plan is currently made up of the following documents:

Current Planning Guidance

Statement of Community Involvement

Interim Housing Delivery Strategy (Withdrawn on 10.6.2016)

Guidance on affordable housing for residential schemes

When applying policy ALT GEN 13, please note that the higher threshold (0.5ha / 15 dwellings) applies to the following settlements: Fleet, Yateley, Blackwater / Hawley, Hook and Hartley Wintney. For all other settlements and rural communities the lower threshold (11 dwellings) will apply in compliance with National Planning Practice Guidance (Paragraph 031, Reference ID: 23b-031-20161116).

Thames Basin Heath Interim Avoidance Strategy

On 2nd June 2016 the Council agreed some interim amendments to the Avoidance Strategy in the light of limited available SANG capacity at sites administered by the Council. These changes can be viewed in the Cabinet paper.

Applicants are advised to read the SANG guidance note.

One change was made to the recommendation in paragraph 2.5 and the agreed recommendation is set out below:

2.5 The interim priority for the future allocation of any Council administered or managed SANG will be in the following order:
(i)      developments that deliver rural affordable housing (i.e. rural exception sites).
(ii)     redevelopment of previously developed land where the development delivers 40% affordable housing.
(iii)    conversion of office premises to residential use.

No priority for the allocation of Council administered or managed SANG will be given to any development that does not meet these criteria.

In all instances the development must be policy compliant in that it must be in accordance with adopted policy of the Council.

The Community Infrastructure Policy (updated August 2014) sets out the Council's requirements with new development, usually secured through Section 106 Planning Obligations, and often in the form of financial contributions. The following list provides more detail on the required contributions:

Parking Provision Interim Guidance

Illuminated Advertisements

Yateley Village Design Framework Supplementary Planning Document

​Odiham Village Design Statement

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